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Close More Automotive Loans

Put More Americans in Cars

LTV Guard will help your financial institution increase its volume of near and non-prime auto loan volumes without the added risk, thus allowing you to increase your bottom line and put more American drivers in cars. 

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Close More Automotive Loans

LTV Guard is a form of Credit Default Insurance provided by our partners at First Look Today. It provides a blanket coverage across your entire loan portfolio, which will allow you, the lender, to extend credit to more borrowers while protecting you from the risk and expense of repossessions and defaults.

Less Risk - More Reward

Extend credit to a greater percentage of your applicants with less risk and generate more profit. 

Protect the Lender - Serve the Community

Lenders assess individual applications more compassionately than with blunt instruments like the credit score.

Maintain Control of Individual Decisions

Maintain full autonomy to extend credit in a manner that best serves your institution and prospective borrowers. 

Put More Americans In Cars

Insuring the Lender against the expense of defaults and repossessions allows them to put more prospective borrowers in cars. 

Many borrowers suffer from poor credit due to one poor decision early in their career. Others suffer from no credit history because they are fresh college graduates.


Talk to us today about how we can help you put these applicants in cars and help them get to work, college, etc. 

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